• Identify and evaluate potential investors, acquirers, or strategic partners.
  • Consider synergies in products, technology, sales/marketing, manufacturing, geographic regions.
  • Develop positioning strategy for client and customize for different categories of target companies.
  • Develop marketing and presentation materials.


  • Reach out to target companies for investment, M&A, or strategic partnerships to create interest in the transaction process.
  • Provide introduction to the opportunity, outline the strategic value and synergies, solicit interest in proceeding further in the process.


  • Arrange management presentations with target companies.
  • Understand the interest and potential challenges for each target company.
  • Ensure that senior management, product lines, and technology groups are involved.
  • Persuade target companies to enter preliminary due diligence.

complete transaction

  • Create sense of competition during preliminary due diligence.
  • Solicit term sheets from target companies that have decided to bid for the transaction.
  • Negotiate term sheets and select winning bid.
  • Coordinate final due diligence and drafting of the Definitive Agreement.
  • Act as mediator during Definitive Agreement negotiations.
  • Help complete the closing conditions and close the transaction.

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